Monday, December 24, 2007


Given time constraints, only passing on a few stories and links I've enjoyed recently:

Who has the oil? Picture = 1000 words

The success of solar depends on storage. Will the technology underlying various energy storage solutions become the new "latest, greatest" technology in 2008?

There are innumerable barriers preventing the large-scale implementation and adoption of renewable energy technology. Certainly the past few years have knocked down the obvious easy barriers, such as "no one will invest in unproven renewables", "grid parity of renewables will never match traditional energy", "supporting green policy is political suicide". [and by 'knocked down', I don't mean to imply discussion has ended. Just that the impossible has been made possible]

Now the more complicated barriers are next. One, the challenge of overcoming "intermittency", could become a bigger topic of debate in 2008. I covered it partially here, but developing efficient and cost-effective storage solutions is going to be a key. Which is a horrendously long-winded way of describing the relevancy of this article.

Questions about biofuels, for the records. Pay attention to #1 and #7.

Power revolution. Good overview of some key renewable technologies. You'll be seeing a lot of discussion and writing around each of these in 2008 and 2009.

UPDATE: Corrected a few typos and a sentence that was really bothering me.

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