Sunday, December 30, 2007

Evolution of Thought or Spin?

There's a rather interesting article on the front page of the Washington Post that quite a few are talking about. It leads with the possibility that President Bush is ceding ground in the climate change legislation front, and looking for non-Kyoto-based alternatives as solutions:

For years, Bush bristled privately at what he considered sky-is-falling alarmism by the liberal, elitist Hollywood crowd. The clatter over climate change, according to friends and advisers, seemed to him more like a political agenda than a rational response to known facts. But ever so gradually, they say, Bush's views have evolved. He has found the science increasingly persuasive and believes more needs to be done, especially after a set of secret briefings last winter. A former aide said Bush's staff even developed models for a market-based cap on greenhouse emissions.

Now Bush bristles not at the Hollywood types but at the notion that he does not care. At an end-of-the-year news conference, he spent more time answering a question on climate change than on any other inquiry, outlining his approach in detail to dispel the notion that he does not have one. "I take the issue seriously," he said, later repeating the phrase. "And we're developing a strategy that will deal with it, and an effective strategy."
Typically, I find it difficult trying to separate the partisanship and the spin from genuine political developments. This article feels no different. But rather than get embroiled into any kind of debate, I'm just going to follow this article with what I believe are a few countering sentiments. I have a specific viewpoint on the matter (which is why I chose the articles that I did), but others may believe there's more to this article, than I.

Hard Choices on Climate Can Wait for Next President, Aides Indicate

Bush Faces a Long Legal Battle With California

Bush and Global Warming in 2008


mus302 said...

In the beginning I thought that climate change was a function of natural patterns. It took a while for me to come around to the fact that our actions are contributing to this phenomenon. So for me it seems that President Bush has gone through the same evolution of thought that I had to go through.

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