Sunday, April 01, 2007

Google Solar Initiative

Just a few thinks to point out in this article that describes Google's attempt to use solar power:

- "Google will earn its investment back in 7.5 years"

- "It was only doable thanks to subsidies from local utility PG&E and a generous federal tax credit"

- It took "9,212 Sharp photovoltaic modules", each of which pushes 208W for a total of 1.6MW.

- "The solar modules are wired in series, 14 to each circuit, and their output is sent to 10 SatCon inverters."

- "The system is set up for net-metering"

Ultimately - an innovative and exciting development. However, one industrial grade wind turbine can push out at least a MW, depending upon wind speed, location, etc. I would speculate that there were more cost-effective ways for Google to go green in its power supply, and am curious about both its demand-side and co-generation efforts. But this is a highly newsworthy and ground-breaking renewable project nonetheless.

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