Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Recent Pew Survey on Gen Next

Really interesting stuff out of Pew regarding "Generation Next" - the 18-25 generation. Highly recommended, as reaching this generation (from a political, social and entertainment point of view) could be highly different than other generations.

First, note the difference between this generation's outlook on "friends" and entertainers vs. politicians and spiritual

It's ironic, when you consider that this generation actually has a much greater appreciation for government than one's past:

One of my favorite stats - look at the difference in turnout in 2004. That's a 25% jump from 2000. Also, note the similarity between 1972 and 2004 - apparently the Vietnam and Iraq wars are becoming more and more the same animal. (I consider 1992 an outlier, as it involved both Ross Perot, an interesting indie candidate, and Clinton, the first candidate to use MTV as a platform).

They also seem to hold what at first appear conflicting views on business and government regulation, but in fact aren't...rather that both are important in a healthy and functioning society and economy.

I actually disagree with Pew's interpretation that they consume news equally as with other generations. I view it as there are more passionate, motivated younger individuals and less people who aren't all that bothered to pay attention.

Couple other things I found fascinating - check out how they connect with environmental issues, and how unconcerned they are with race-based issues:

Finally, my favorite stat. Look at how much the younger generation (18-25) has changed from 1991 to present, while the age range 26+ has basically stayed the same. In 10-15 years, this could be seismic.

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