Thursday, June 29, 2006

Global Warming's a Huge Problem, But I'm Not Planning on Actually Doing Anything

So says a very interesting poll by the Center for the New American Dream. A representative sample of 1,000 adults said:
- Our nation's dependence on oil is a problem: 84%
- Gasoline prices are a problem: 94%

"Effective Actions I could Take":
- Buy a car that gets better gas mileage: 79%
- Take more public transportation: 71%
- Drive less: 69%
- Use AC less: 52%
- Tax gas prices higher: 39%

[this is the depressing part] "Things I'm actually willing to do":
- Buy a car that gets better gas mileage: 44%
- Take more public transportation: 31%
- Drive less: 37%
- Use AC less: 31%

Sigh...I shouldn't be surprised. And such will be the problem for an extended period of time, I suspect, until the next fact catches up with the above. For hidden in the report is a very exciting number, and perhaps light at the end of the tunnel (provided its not an oncoming train):

"Global Warming is becoming a major threat to our country and this world:"
- 77% strongly agree
-17% somewhat agree

[So basically 94% agree its at least becoming a threat...I see your dis-information campaigns and raise it cataclysmic worldwide devastation]

If you plan on buying a car in the next five years, how likely are you to consider hybrid
- 39% very likely
- 36% somewhat likely

[I bet GM/Ford wish they knew back in 2000 that in six years, 75% of drivers would consider hybrid]

This study spells some progress to me. No idea of the stat, but I imagine five years ago, global warming didn't rank half as highly a concern, and hybrid cars were probably popular only in ultra-green communities. Maybe I should find that stat, seeing as this is my blog and all. Some other day.

One final thing, perhaps useful in the future. When asked what would lead them to consider hybrid, the respondents indicated an interesting mix of altruism, patriotism and self-interest.
- Higher gas mileage: 77%
- It would help lessen our dependence on oil: 58%
- Helps the environment: 41% (interestingly a large gender split - 30% male, 52% female)
- Their design is appealing: 12%
- Cost less in the long-term: 7%

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